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FJ - Oven Best

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Free Hires Textures Sites

Well this time i want to showcase some sites with a nice collection of free hires textures, you can use this textures for your 3d renders, web design, photoshop designs, anyway whatever you think you can do it is possible thanks to the free textures from these sites.

7.- RenderTextures

source :

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Freelance World

Someone asked me: “How much should I charge for the project?”

So I’ve answered: “How much are you worth?”

Well actually what I’ve meant to say, is how much is your “time” worth?

Different projects, different requirements, different skills level, hardware, software, working from home or having office to pay for…
All this is taken in to confederation while calculation your price.
So talking general all depends on the market. For example in Germany people take 1000-2000 Euro per image. In China/India $50-100…sometimes even less.
It’s all depends with what company do you work, some companies can pay good money some don’t, so do your research on your client first, try to see with whom this company worked before, then you’ll be able to draw conclusions.

In Russian market we take $500-800 per room, we supply 2-3 renders. When the room is ready it’s easy to make more than one render to satisfy the client. Give it as a bonus, you’ll get much appreciation, and win a coming back client.

After all it’s all about building good contacts. Satisfied clients always will recommend you to their friends and you’ll be able to grow on this positive wave of success.

Building good reputation sometimes more important than just making money!

This is the basic strategy our business.
Important note: You can always “spy” on the competition and see how much money other freelancers get for doing their job. Of course the level of performance has to be the same, I’m not taking about newbies trying to cash “Hollywood Film” budgets, so be real and reasonable.
Ok so how do you do it?
How much money you need to charge for a project?
Here’s a simple procedure that is very essential for your market investigation. So you’ll be aware of competition and prices for different job offers.

The easiest way is to make an account at freelancers platforms, like and see how much money those freelancers charge and how much money firm got to offer. From my knowledge prices range are between $15-60 per hour, depends on the country, Indian and Philippians can work for a whole month and get $300-400 dollars. However European will ask for much more.

But I tell you from my experience that professional firms prefer to work with freelancers that close or at least at their time zone.

So you can make a search for jobs by demographics, and the best sites to do that are:

If you still couldn’t find something close to you, I warmly recommend you to sign in to those websites in order to get instant updates about the job market. Who knows? Maybe the next job in their list was meant for you. So by subscribing to their newsletter you’ll be one of the first to see that offer.

Another thing to do is to call or send email to a company and ask them to make you a proposal for designing a room, write all the details you want to know, like, 3Dsmax and VRay, classic design..etc. Send it to several companies that supply 3D images similar to your level. There are a lot of companies or freelancers that do not provide High-End 3D renders, just google them. You can send them their work as well and say that you want to make something similar to that, and get a proposal from them about the times and money. I do it every time when I move to the new country and I need to get familiar with the prices.

There are a huge amount of platforms and job offers, I just gave you the most interesting in today’s market. But here is few more, go to their Jobs board and see what these guys got to offer.

So keep it real folks! and if you want to learn how to build a successful business that will bring you enough staisfaction and financial freedom to do what ever you want!